How Many More Weeks Are on Your Life Calendar?

Counting a life in days makes the numbers hard to grasp. When counting by months it doesn’t resonate from a practical standpoint. But, when you look at your life from the standpoint of weeks, the perspective becomes clear.

Tim Urban did a great Ted Talk and discussed the idea behind a life calendar that includes one box for every week of a ninety-year life. It is eye-opening.

How many weeks do you have left? Regardless of how many that number is, it isn’t enough to waste any.

Have you Taken the Opportunity to Fail Lately?

It isn’t meaningful unless there is an opportunity to fail.

When was the last time you found something that could really benefit you, without taking a risk? There’s no free lunch. Anything of value requires that you pay for it. And often the cost is taking a risk.

Not taking risks doesn’t just keep you from living your dreams. It keeps you from even getting started chasing them at all.

Take Risks. Be You.

Who are you? How will you know if you don’t take some risks?

Life is the process of figuring out who you are. What you care about. Your place in the world. To find yourself and your place, you have to take some risks along the way.

If there is one thing in my life I would do differently if given the chance, it would be a simple choice: I would take more risks.