"Be careful with your words. Once they are said, they can be only forgiven, not forgotten." -Unknown.

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The Magic Bullet to Success is . . .

January 30, 2019 in Blog

Work. You want to succeed? Work. You want to win. Work. You want it all? Work. There is no magic bullet, except . . . work!

Work hard, work fast, work smart, then work some more.

The Fewer Options the Better

November 19, 2018 in Blog

Give a man one path to walk, and he will reach his goal. Show him three paths to success, and it is unlikely he will ever complete any of them.

It’s the Paradox of Choice. The more choices we have, the less likely we are to act. The more goals and ideas you pursue, the less likely you are to accomplish any of them.

Focus isn’t about what you see. It’s about choosing not to see the surrounding distractions. Too many choices, too many goals, is just noise. The absence of noise results in clear focus.

Being an Agent Always Works

November 15, 2018 in Blog

A principle/agent relationship is one where an agent does what is in the best interest of the principle, rather than what is best for him or herself. It’s putting others above yourself.

It is the fastest way to success. It always wins, no matter the outcome.

Managers don’t work for shareholders. They work for customers and employees, which in turn increases shareholder wealth. Bring value for those that you care about and the rest handles itself.

The Quickest Way to Lose Before You Get Started

November 12, 2018 in Blog

The quickest way to lose before you even get started is to have too much. A trust fund doesn’t motivate anyone. Lottery winners get bored and have to keep overspending for excitement (then they run out of money).

A nice-paying job robs you of the ambition to do truly amazing things. Why would you think outside of the box? Your already in it.

You vs. Not You

November 9, 2018 in Blog

You can be you. Or you can, not be you. There’s nothing in between. When your fooling others you are in trouble. When you are fooling yourself you are in a lot of trouble.

Either you are genuine, transparent, and to true to yourself. Or you aren’t. The former always wins. Don’t fight it.

Coca-cola is me. I try to go along with Pepsi, but I’m just fooling everyone. Myself included. Didn’t see that coming, huh?

No One is Any Better Than . . .

November 1, 2018 in Blog

No one is any better than anyone else who walked the same path in life. Never think your inherently better than others. Your experiences and the effect they have on you is what matters.

We all have had a unique set of experiences. What they were, and how we reacted to them is what determines who we are.

The Scariest Thing About Risk

October 31, 2018 in Blog

Scared of risk? What you should be terrified of is not taking enough risks in the first place.

Try taking no risks for a day. You will quickly realize that, to get anywhere in life, literally, you have to take a few risks along the way. A life without some risk doesn’t exist.

If greater risk means greater reward, the most successful people must have taken significant risks to achieve their goals. Do you?